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Work hard. Play hard. Eat hard.

About Me

Nelson YongNelson Yong is an avid food & film critic consumer. He’s passionate, but picky, about his food. Blog Your Arteries is a humorous yet simple look into foods you love to eat, despite its health connotations. It’s an avenue for the discussion of some of his fun and sometimes controversial food theories and beliefs– one being that you might not care for the restaurant, or the date, but you will always remember an amazing dish you had. Why? Because it changed your life.

Nelson loves having his hands full. He’s a leading associate for sales and business development for BuddyTV, which  is one of the most popular entertainment-based community websites (with over $6.5M monthly unique visitors). He is also the Principal and Founder of GravityIdeaLabs, a Seattle-based marketing and image consultancy aimed at Generation-Y. He also created HypocriticalAcclaim, a straightforward look at which movies are worth watching in the theaters.

Nelson also has strong experience in marketing and business development, and most previously worked with hundreds of Pacific Northwest investors to fund early-stage startup companies and venture funds. He recently moved to the Northwest where he currently resides with his family.

When he’s not blogging about food, growing the sales of his startup, dreaming of new companies, meeting investors, writing an epic screenplay, making websites, or producing hip hop music– you’ll find him hanging out with friends, driving his roadster, going to church, or working out.

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