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Grilling New York Steaks in Lynnwood

Grilling some amazing steaks in Lynwood today… Just choose steaks with decent marbling and season liberally with Montreal Steak Seasoning, and grill on a high flame for 7 mins each side (these guys were a good 1.5 inches thick too)… Good eats!

7 Responses to “Grilling New York Steaks in Lynnwood”

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  2. This is a reminder that I should stop going to Steakhouses and just Grill my own steaks at home.
    PS: What’s your secret for a flavorful steak (apart of getting it to be a bit fatty, as in a rib eye cut)?
    PS: I enjoyed so much reading your blog that I am adding it to my recommendable list of food blogs (see the right side of

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  4. The key to flavorful steak is the marbling of fat in the cut, choosing the right cut (like a ribeye over a flank steak), dry rub/marination, and searing in the juices as you cook it (so timing and heat level matter).


  5. ahh, but a flank steak can be very flavorful so long as you use a marinade. Marinating will tenderize the beef and make a flavorful steak that is also low in fat.

  6. Hey! This is really cool, exactly what I was looking for. The designs here are so fabulous!. Thanks for uploading this stuff.

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