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The Counter in Ballard – Top 5 Burgers in Seattle

The Counter in Ballard has an amazing burger that you can construct your way. I love the modern yet retro feel of the place, but what I love more is the sheer options– you can choose the size of the patty, type of bread, type of sauce, several types of toppings, etc. Their fries were amazing: delicate yet crispy.

Price range is a little on the higher side– it can be easy to spend $12-15 per person at this joint, but it’s an experience that you have to have. Not a fan of the Ballard location but makes it convenient if you are stuck in that Ballard/Fremont pocket. They need a location in downtown Seattle and in Bellevue.

I choose this place as a top burger joint on this blog because it’s hard to find a place with this many options yet taste so good, so consistently. Plus, you can order wine as they have a fully stocked bar!

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