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How To Make The Perfect Batch Of White Rice

White rice is the foremost staple food of the East. In East Asian countries, such as China, Korea and Japan… nothing is more significant than white rice, and in particular, short grain rice. I grew up on white rice at nearly every meal. The greatest civilizations on earth have been built upon the diet of white rice (so don’t tell me the health benefits of brown rice). White rice is the fuel of many dynasties. And with that, I’ll show you how to make the perfect batch of white rice. This will change your life.

You see, all white rice isn’t created equal. Many factors play into making the perfect batch. First off, you need to buy good quality short grain rice– this will take some experimentation, but look for the quality of rice by seeing how it feels as your sift it in your hands. It must be smooth, almost with a shiny coating. I bought this bag of rice at Costco (one of three brands) for around $15 for 25 lbs.

Secondly, it’s method and proportions. Like any good cook, you need to be good with method and proportions.We’ll cover both in this article.

Here you go. Say we start off by cooking a meal for 3-4 people, which 2 cups of rice might be fitting. The typical ratio is 1:1, so that will require 2 cups of water to cook with.


Rinse the rice in your rice cooking bowl with faucet water by filling it up with water one fill-up at a time, sifting the rice with your fingers. This method allows all the starch to be rinsed away, but if you rinse more than 3 times, the flavor and vitamins tend to get washed away. I recommend rinsing twice.


Soaking the rice with water for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours allow the rice to absorb the water, plump up, and get to maximum length. This is typical for Indian cooks, who want their basmatic rice to get as long as possible.


If you soaked the rice for a significant amount of time, the rice will plump up based on the absorption of water. With this, go with slightly smaller ratio that 1:1 cups of rice to cups of water. However, if you don’t have much time, go with 1:1. DON’T USE HOT WATER even though logically it would speed up the cooking process. The hot water will prematurely cook the outside of the rice grains and will end up with rice which tastes gritty and undercooked.


I highly recommend a $20-$30 rice cooker found at any Asian market. It’s very turnkey and easy to operate. Cleanup is also very easy as a lot of the inner containers have a nonstick property. The whole cooking/steaming process will only take about 15-20 minutes. DO NOT OPEN the cooker or pot until it is finished cooking– by then, steam will be escaping and the rice will need to be put on a simmer.


When the rice cooker clicks from “COOK” to “WARM”, wait a few minutes before opening. Then open, use a wide spoon, and gently fluff the rice by lifting and turning the rice for a few seconds. Close the lid for a few more minutes; this process gives the rice a smooth and shiny coating.


Few minutes later, the rice is ready to be served. Especially if you use a rice cooker, your rice should be perfect by then! Fluffy, flavorful, and good to the last bite. I’m telling you, it will make a big difference to any meal you accompany it with.

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