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Hong Kong: Dim Sum at L’Hotel in the new Nina Tower

Dim Sum, well known to many foreigners, is a staple of Hong Kong cuisine and dining culture. It’s essentially a brunch for the Cantonese bourgeoisie– full of amazing small dishes with the accompanying din of other families and friends eating along side. Dim Sum is certainly something you must try, even if you don’t have the fortune to be visiting Hong Kong– but when in town, you must try an upscale Dim Sum restaurant and compare them to the less expensive counterparts that happen to be everywhere in Hong Kong. I had the fortune of having a wonderful Dim Sum brunch at the L’Hotel in the new Nina Tower (in Tsuen Wan, New Territories side of Hong Kong). A little bit more on the fancy side, L’Hotel’s Dim Sum did not disappoint. Neither did the architecture.

Nina Tower at night

Here we ordered dishes from their cubed roast pork with the amazing crispy skin (a Hong Kong delicacy), their “char siu” or BBQ pork, which happened to be very juicy, tasty, with some of the best texture of “char siu” I’ve ever had. This ain’t no Sam Woo of America. This was really good stuff.

“Char Siu” or BBQ Pork

Beef balls

Chicken feet (A Cantonese delicacy you must try.. for the texture!)

To read more about Dim Sum, check out this real cool article I came across in


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