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Hong Kong: “Tsui Wah”.. The Chinese Equivalent of Denny’s, But Way Better

There’s a small chain of “char chan teng”‘s, or Hong Kong-style cafes across Hong Kong called Tsui Wah, and being one of my family’s favorite hangouts, I had to give my two cents about the restaurant. Having had Tsui Wah dozens of times, this restaurant is quite the representative for Hong Kong’s culture and cuisine– it’s busy, always crowded, loud, exciting, fragrant, and the food never skips a beat. You can order anything from breakfast noodles to broiled steak with mushroom sauce to curries to Hainan chicken (one of their specialties), all for prices you could laugh at. A great dish special will hardly ever be more than $8 US; most of them are $4 or less.

On my first time at Tsui Wah, I ordered their Yang Chow Fried Rice (being such a fried rice fan), and they delivered. Good deal, great dish with great taste and texture, and it of course was cheap.

Of course, you got to order accompany your meal with something called “Yin Yeung Lai Cha”, or basically, Yin Yang Milk Tea. Appropriately named, of course, because it’s a mix of milk tea and coffee! It’s really, really good, especially with ice.

Some locations of Tsui Wah are open 24 hours, especially the one in Central (the center of Hong Kong’s financial and shopping districts), but the Tsuen Wan location is the one I frequent the most. I can go here everyday. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live in Hong Kong?


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