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Hong Kong: A Food Extravaganza (Winter 2009)

I just came back from visiting family in Hong Kong, a food destination in and of itself! Hong Kong is a bustling city with food of all levels, all types, all prices, at all times. Talk about selection. The whole city is one big buffet, where the typical Hong Kong person would start the day off with a warm cup of milk tea (at a cafe commonly called a “char chan teng” in Chinese) and have anything from instant noodles, buttered toast with condensed milk, Chinese fried donuts, rice porridge (“juk”), or if meeting friends, “dim sum” usually at one of the many more formal restaurants.. you know, the loud, crowded ones with the large tables, lazy susans, and lots of loud women carrying dishes or pushing carts full of small warm appetizer-type dishes.

For lunch and dinner, anything goes. Want something quick at the MTR (Mass Transit Railway, a very efficient subway system), no problem, there’s seriously a food court in every station. Want to impress a client? It’s also easy to spend hundreds of dollars per meal in Hong Kong as well at the many renown restaurants Hong Kong has to offer. Whatever you intend on eating or doing, Hong Kong offers the best of both worlds, and more.

After being back for nearly a week, I’m admitting that I’m suffering the blues of not being in Hong Kong for long enough. Because driving is less of a luxury in America (and admittedly, certainly in Los Angeles and Seattle), we tend to get very insulated and have little personal contact. In Hong Kong, driving is a privilege and a luxury. New cars have a mandatory 100% sales tax! And since you’re doing a ton of walking and public contact on the streets, it’s easy to work up and appetite. There’s no question people eat on the way to meet someone to, well, eat. There’s also no question that in the Chinese culture, food and family and friends go very much hand in hand. Hong Kong IS a Blog Your Arteries destination.

I’ll be posting about specific food encounters, special dishes made by my grandmother, and more about Chinese food, in the ensuing weeks. Stay tuned to Blog Your Arteries!


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