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The Gameplan : Fish Collar (i.e. Black Cod, Yellowtail, or Salmon)

Have you ever had black cod (also known as butterfish) collar? How about yellowtail or salmon? If you did, you would remember it. Fish collar, whether it’s broiled, smoked or grilled, is some of the best eats out there. It’s fatty, tasty, soft, tender, succulent, and good to very last bite. It’s all about the texture and the taste. The best word to describe really good fish collar? Succulence.


I’m going to be writing another article and set of the top Seattle and L.A. restaurants serving black cod (usually marinated and/or glazed in a homemade miso sauce– Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills is very high on that list), but for now, I’ll be focusing on Black Cod Collar in Seattle. My gameplan for the Top 3 restaurants in Seattle is: Maneki in the International District, Saito’s in Belltown, Nishino, and as a bonus, I Love Sushi in Bellevue for their salted Salmon collar. My mouth is watering already!


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