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The Gameplan : Toro Sushi in Seattle

O-Toro, or Fatty Tuna, is the Kobe of tuna. It’s the king of sushi. It’s just heaven in a bite. I’m talking about sumptuous, luxury, unctuous, sweet loving on your lips. There’s something ethereal about it. If you love sushi, I mean, truly love good sushi, you would spend the $15-25 for 2 pieces of this. After all, is there a price to love?


Toro is the general term for the belly flesh of a tuna and can be divided into two main types: chu-toro, cut from the less fatty sides of the belly, ando-toro, the belly’s supple and glorious center. The allure of o-toro is matched only by its price: It can easily be the most expensive item on a sushi menu.

While toro can be cut from any large tuna, the quintessential toro experience is associated with the majestic bluefin tuna, known as honmaguro orkuromaguro, the largest and most highly prized member of the tuna family. It is also the most expensive fish in the ocean: A single animal once fetched 174,000 dollars at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. (From


I will be trying out the O-Toro of Seattle at these five highly recommended restaurants: Nishino, Kisaku, Mashiko, Redfin, and Nijo. I might try one more too: Ototo in Queen Anne.


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